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Great Basin Equine Marty Gardner, DVM

Born and raised in shadows of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Marty has always been an avid outdoors man. He gained his equine experience early, working at a Commercial Pack Station during his summer vacations from school. Here he learned his riding, packing, farrier and fly fishing skills, and found he was hooked on the outdoor way of life! For eleven summer seasons, he worked as a Professional Packer with the National Park Service and spent his winters attending college at San Luis Obispo and Colorado State University earning a degree in Ranch Management. While working at a beef operation, he was accepted into the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis with emphasis in Equine Lameness and Podiatry. Bozeman Montana was his next stop, practicing at a large animal practice where he met associate, Brian Peck. In 1997, Marty relocated to the lovely Carson Valley. Marty is single, enjoys fly fishing, the back country experience and spending time at his cabin whenever possible.


Currently, Dr. Marty Gardner is a renowned lameness authority and routinely utilizes advanced treatments for high-end performance horses. He uses methods such as stem cell, PRP, and IRAP therapies. These advanced tratement modalities, coupled with Marty's keen eye for subtlety keep many of our top athletes performing at their best.


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