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Ambulatory Hospitalization



Great Basin Equine understands that it can be a major hassle in your life to load up your horse and get to the hospital. For this reason we are proud of our 4 fully functioning veterinary ambulatory vehicles! These trucks allow our veterinarians to accomplish many medical tasks in your own back yard. Even if the doctor should decide that hospitalization is necessary for the health of your horse, our ability to treat horses "In The Field" first for primary triage and stabilization has proven its life saving value!



ICU StallsWe at GBE hope that your horse should never require hospitalization for continuous medical care. However, you can take some comfort in knowing that our hospital is here for you if your horse should need our care. Our intensive care stalls provide 24 hour monitoring with individual "Web Cams" in every stall and climate control for patient comfort. We can also provide less intensive hospitalized stay for our patients which do not require as rigorous observation. In total we have 18 covered stalls, 12 indoor stalls, 4 ICU stalls, 4 round pens for turn-out exercise and an Isolation facility.