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Preventative Medicine


One of the most "overlooked" areas of veterinary medicine! Great Basin Equine encourages you to discuss how to prevent problems before they occur with our veterinarians. An ounce of prevention REALLY IS worth a pound of cure in this business. Please consider the following aspects of preventative care for your horse and let GBE know if we can be of service:

  • Consistent and up-to-date vaccination protocol
  • Consistent and up-to-date de-worming protocol
  • Routine dental exams and corrective "floating" if needed
  • Post foaling exam for every newborn and mare within 24 hrs of birth
  • Nutritional consultation for proper diet with respect to your horse's specific demands
  • Twice yearly physical exams to diagnose problems BEFORE they show any outward symptoms
  • Shoeing / Trimming consultation to help attain the proper hoof conformation with the combined effort of your Farrier