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Great Basin Equine Online Pharmacy

Welcome to the Great Basin Equine Online Pharmacy.  For our clients' convenience, we are offering an easy way to order select prescription medications for your horses at a discounted price.  Items ordered are available for pick-up or delivery.  Orders over $60 will receive free shipping.

Prescriptions will be filled for patients that have a current veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR).

In order to receive the discounted prices, payment is required at the time of pick up or ordering if shipping.  Pick-up items will be available the next business day.  To place your order, email the pharmacy at [email protected]. If you are having your items shipped to you, please call the office with your payment information.

 Product                                                 Suggested
 Adequan 5mL Single Vial $55.00  $45.95 
 Adequan 5mL Box of 7 $385.00 $310.00 
 Adequan 50mL 10 Dose Vial $423.00 $419.00
 Aspirin Powder 1 Pound Tub   $14.50 $12.95 
 Banamine Paste (Single Tube) $46.78  $27.49 
 Bute Paste 20 Gram Tube  $53.50 $26.99
 Bute Powder 100 Gram (2.2 Pound) Tub  $58.00                 $38.99                           
 Bute 1 Gram Tablets 100 Count Bottle  $32.50  $17.99 
 Confidence EQ Box of 10   $64.50  $59.99 
 Equioxx Paste (Single Tube) $11.00  $5.99 
 Equioxx 57mg Tablet 60 Count Bottle  $124.00  $86.00
 Gastrogard (Single Tube) $37.00  $35.00
 Legend 20mL Multi- Dose Vial (On Back Order)  $446.50  $460.00
 Metformin 1000mg Tablet 500 Count Bottle $52.00  $33.99 
 Platinum Performance Balance 0.4lb Tub  $26.50  $26.50
 Prascend 1mg Tablet 60 Count Box  $180.00 $156.00 
 Regumate 1000mL (1 Liter) Bottle $364.50  $168.95
 Sucralfate 1 gram Tablet Per Tablet $0.50  $0.40 
 Sucralfate 1 gram Tablet 500 Count Bottle $225.50  $131.99 
 Thyro-L 1 Pound Tub (On Back Order) $35.73 $24.95 

We are also continuing to offer Vet Source Home Delivery as an outside online pharmacy option.  Please allow 24 hours for prescriptions to be approved.